My Favorite Country? Miami

“What’s your favorite country you visited?”  I always give my answer some thought because it seems that each new day, I could have a different answer.  We traveled many miles the past six months and our experiences from each country are still setting it.  But before I can answer, Nate likes to answer for me: Miami.  Yes, I loved Miami!  And yes, we both know it’s not a country…

After leaving the DR and arriving in Mexico, we made a 4 day stop in Miami.  Nate had been there before, but I had only spent a few hours in their airport earlier that month.  We both agreed it could be a great stopping point.  And it was!  We used Priceline to decide on a hotel for us in South Beach.  There were just too many choices and it felt good to have it decided for us.

A view from Park Central Hotel
Ocean Drive and the Atlantic Ocean!
2014-05-30 10.48.33
Happy in our beach chairs and in my new sun hat (couldn’t resist the Free People store on Collins Ave!)

For our big Saturday night in Miami we decided to catch game 6 of the NBA playoffs: Heat vs. Pacers!  I think I even told Nate that I’d stay in a hostel again if we splurged on playoff tickets.  I regret saying that because I realized later he thought I was serious.  One day he’ll get all my jokes 😉

The American Airline Arena at my fingertips.
Instant Cole fans after getting these t-shirts! (Terry Porter will always be my favorite #30 for the record)
We just KNEW the most exciting playoff game was about to take place….ha!
We made our way into the arena, found a huge beer and great view of Miami before finding our seats.
The Heat were supposed to play the Pacers that night. However, the Pacers forgot to show up. Still wondering who wore those gold jerseys…
Exploring South Beach and found these tiny Grey Goose bottles.
We enjoyed all the people watching, got in a few beach runs, found a few Sbux (always a nice bonus), watched the sun rise over the Atlantic, practiced yoga on the beach and on the roof top of Park Central. Thank you, Miami!

Next stop, Cancun, Mexico!


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