“I’m Baaaack!”

Yes, it’s been awhile.  Over the past 10 days, being a student again reached overwhelming heights.  And being thousands of miles from home could have been a factor in the good ol’ freak out moments.  (Poor, poor Nate–yeeesh!).  Thanks to iMessages, Viber, Facebook and Skype, feeling close to family and friends remained.  The hot weather is definitely depleting for me.  And not having a kitchen to cook in or a supermarket to shop at brought me close to the edge!  And by cooking, I mean preparing salads.  I’m not fooling anyone, I know!

But just as Stella did, I got my groove back: with the help (and I mean HELP!) of Mandi and Nate, sleep, beach runs, yoga sessions, journaling–I had to pull out all my tools to regain perspective.  I also sat my butt down and finished the homework that was piling up (genius).  When all was said and done, I felt like I exorcised a demon.  I suppose you could say it was my first “soul searching” moment in South America.  That stuff is hard work, not to mention unattractive!!!  So having come out on the other side and I still have friends…jackpot!  Winning the friends and family lottery is better than any amount of money.  So cheesy, but so true.

With that being said, I’m feeling like a million bucks these days.  Light, happy and pretty darn free.  Our TEFL course is done in 10 more days–trekking right on through!  We are trying to absorb heaps of information I hope I’ll never have to teach, but learning it has been great exercise for my brain.  Also, Nate and I have mapped out plans for Ecuador in February AND it looks like an Olson brother will be joining us on our travels there.  Nonstop entertainment from Nate and Brett await, so stay tuned for a plethora of ridiculous stories!  And to add to that exciting news: we booked flights to our next home base (starting in March): Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Yes, it has a face, Karla!
Yes, it has a face, Karla!
Walking through the market on the weekend. It's a lively place, except for all the dead fish and chickens on display. (Chickens not pictured. You're welcome!)
Walking through the market on the weekend. It’s a lively place, except for all the dead fish and chickens on display. (Chickens not pictured. You’re welcome!)
Papaya and Cusquena beer. Perfect for weekend homework.
Papaya and Cusquena beer. Perfect for weekend homework.
Seriously, the BEST mojito I've ever had.
Seriously, the BEST mojito I’ve ever had.

3 thoughts on ““I’m Baaaack!”

  1. I love this post. Because I knew these “moments” were coming. You are doing great. And you did hit the friends and family jackpot. Feel free to elaborate on the BEST mojito ever. Or more importantly…. can you recreate it? 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah: WOW…You ARE expanding your horizons….I’m sure you will look back and appreciate all the fantastic life experiences you will have throughout this next year. We will try to keep up with your blog. Take Care and much love-chris, bob, shan, ry, and payton

  3. Miss Whis!! I am an entire day late (our time 🙂 ) in wishing you a wonderful birthday!! Please know that I was thinking of you yesterday and hoping your special day was amazing! So happy to see that you received an early birthday present of salsa, guacamole and chips… what more could a girl ask for?? 😉

    I am so incredibly impressed and proud of all you do. Sometimes perspective in life flies at us quicker than we’re able to absorb it, but you always find a way to reflect and acknowledge it all. Keep these wonderful (and vivid!) updates coming! I LOVE IT!

    You have such a special place in my heart, my dear friend. 🙂 Wishing you all the very best in 2014!

    Love, Shan

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