Back To Teaching

2014-01-09 20.50.01-1Nate and I are sipping on a celebratory rum and Pepsi.  (The bottle of rum was a whopping 15 soles/$6!).  We all taught our first classes tonight.  Besides the hours of preparation and a few butterflies in the stomach, it feels really nice to be back in a classroom teaching again.  There are many similarities in teaching English and teaching yoga.  However, I realized right away that teaching yoga never involved writing on a white board.  My hand writing was frightening.

All in all, this place feels like home.  Besides having the Pacific Ocean in sight, I’m not really sure why.  There is a herd of donkeys that roam the beach at night.  I can hear them in the grass now right now.  When have I ever come across donkeys and felt quite normal?  At home?  There are also roosters that do their cock-a-doodle-do-ing  anywhere from 3:00-6:00 each morning–a much different wake up call than the alarm on my iPhone.  Cold showers are the only option and water pressure is non-existent.  Water drips in one straight line from the shower head to the floor.  I probably still have shampoo and conditioner left in my hair from today’s washing.

Maybe I’m quick to find the humor in it all.  And a big thanks to Nate because he can laugh at just about anything or make just about anything, funny.  All of this can help one become more conscious and simply grateful for bare necessities.  And for me, I am feeling very grateful these days.  The little that we do have, feels more than enough.  In a place where there isn’t much, the feeling of abundance is very strong.

The beach is just beyond our fence.
The beach is just beyond our fence.

2014-01-04 18.31.56

Zorritos, Peru…who would have known?


2 thoughts on “Back To Teaching

  1. You are an inspiration Sarah. We miss you in Oregon, but you deserve adventure. It’s amazing how happy you can be with little material goods. Keep posting! I’m following ya. Peace and love.

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