First stop: Peru

Our first meal in Zorritos!
Our first meal in Zorritos!
$2 haircut. Can't beat that!
$2 haircut. Can’t beat that!

Our neighborhood

First sunset

Our beach shack

A Starbucks' mug makes it official, right?
A Starbucks’ mug makes it official, right?

It’s been one week since Nate and I boarded a plane at LAX.  Technically, our first stop was Atlanta, where we enjoyed soup and a good night’s rest on New Year’s Eve.  Both battling colds since traveling to our respective homes for Christmas, we needed all the sleep we could get.  The bed at the Marriott was a wonderful treat.  I had a feeling it might be a while until we sleep on something so comfortable again.  Fast forward one week and yes, quite true:  two nights at a hostel in Lima (pushed the twins together–ha!), one night on a bus traveling north to Zorritos (I will address the bus ride on a later date–that experience deserves its own blog entry…SCARY) and three nights in our new home in Los Pinos, a short walk south of Zorritos.  Our sleeping quarters have been clean and nothing fancy.  And even though the mattresses aren’t as inviting these days, we’ve been catching up on a lot of rest.

Nate says Los Pinos means “the pines” so of course I’m on the lookout for pine trees, but all I see are palm trees.  Not complaining.  The past four days we’ve done a good job of making our Los Pinos beach shack a “home” and also scoping out the town of Zorritos.  It’s a busy little village.

We found a barber shop the first day we arrived–Nate was due for a haircut.  The barber kept him laughing the whole time he was in the chair.  And I couldn’t help but giggle at the large picture of Jean Claude van Damme hanging on the wall.  And the guy sitting across from me was cracking me up, too.  He was shamelessly picking his nose.  It was hot and humid, so we both didn’t stay longer than necessary.

The food here is really, really good.  We’ve eaten a lot of fresh seafood and chicken and rice seem to be a staple as well.  Breakfast food and chips and salsa are the only thing lacking from my normal diet.  Nate assured me I’m in the wrong country for chips and salsa.  What?!  I didn’t know that was even possible.  And for breakfast here, you might find some bread and fruit juice.  That won’t get me out of bed in the mornings, so we bought some ground coffee at the store and picked up some bananas as well.  Nate’s sister bought him a travel French Press, so we put that to good use this morning in class.

We are on day two of our Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course and all is well.  It’s nice to be a student again and the thought of teaching soon is exciting.  A little nerve-wracking, but that’s good.  Having Nate in class makes for very few dull moments.  It’s nice to be traveling and learning with my best friend.


6 thoughts on “First stop: Peru

  1. First let me say the blog name is spectacular! Love it! You ARE a writer felt like I was almost there…..well except for BP which is how I will refer to the native gymnastic sport done while staring off into space! Please take inside pictures of the cozy nest! Cannot wait for the next edition….and Xoxo the coffee mug!

  2. Sarah you are inspirational……love your comments; happiness never comes from abundance. Teach us more. Soulsearchersarahgirl Saturday, Sundays, Septembers …..!
    Oh and your handwriting in cards is always is everything about you. Xoxo

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